What is a vulva? – Everything that you need to know about its caring.

What is a vulva? That’s what many people ask themselves and they don’t really understand the difference between this term and vaginia. In short this is a term used to refer to the visible genital area of a woman that includes both the inner and outer lips perineum as well as the clitoris. The vulva can vary from hone woman to another but it’s the same when it comes to the inside. For men this may be hard to understand or get a clear picture and they may need to search online images of vulva pictures to get exactly what this article is saying. On the web you will be able to see different kind of the private parts of women and get to understand the different kinds of the vulva that exist. This is his the most crucial part of women body and they really need to care for it as it has many several functions in their body as follow:

  • It is birth canal where babies pass during delivery
  • It’s the organ used for sexual intercourse in women
  • It’s also here where excretion of urine is passed out
  • The menstrual cycle of women passes through it

As seen above this is a very important organ in women where they need to take care of it so that it can remain healthy to perform its duties.

What is a vulva? – Important things that you need to know about it

As mentioned above when you ask yourself what is a vulva the main picture that comes to your mind are the labia found the vagina and that’s only one part of it. However, you may find women who have big vagina lips than others and this doesn’t in any way mean that it has any health issue. Below are some information that you need to know about the private part of a woman body:

  • Vaginal lips in women can vary with some having small ones while other with bigger ones.
  • The color of the surrounding can be different with rest of your body.
  • If infected with sexual transmitted infection there may be development of vaginal skin tags around it.
  • It has bacteria that help in protecting women against developing infections.

How to take care of a vagina

  • Always keep it clean to avoid becoming smelly.
  • Ensure that you have protected sex with high risky people to avoid infections that could lead to genital skin tag.
  • In case you have vaginal skin tag it’s important to seek medical help so that you don’t end up getting other complicated diseases.
  • Exercising is important as its keeps the pubic muscle in good shape which is key to tightening your vagina.

Those are some few tips that you can use to keep your vagina healthy and in good shape. As its roles are many you can’t afford to risk getting healthy issue on this part of the body.