How to get rid of genital warts – the best and easy way you can do this.

There are many people who undergo suffering and they don’t speak up on their problem to anyone and until when things have reached the worst stage that the only time they start speaking up. Genital warts are something that anyone can get and it’s mostly spread through sexual intercourse where one partner is affected. It can also be categorized as a sexual transmitted infection even though it might become painless it is a risky disease since most of people ignore it risking their health.

This an STI that is caused by a virus known as human papilloma virus also called HPV. This virus is responsible in causing development of wart where some people can have this virus but don’t end up developing warts in their body. How the virus work is actually very funny because the body is able to develop its own mechanism of clearing it. Over time if you don’t get necessary medical attention you will be free from this virus. However, even though the virus is almost harmless in the body and can disappear over a period of time it’s important that you get the necessary treatment as failure to do this is actually risking your life.
The reason it is always recommended that you seek medical intervention once you have contracted this virus is to avoid complications once you develop other diseases. You need to see genital warts images so that you can know its symptoms as many people never seek medical attention because they don’t even that that they have it. The soft growths that appear on the genitals can be confused with simple infections and many people dismiss this as just a simple problem. This disease can affect you psychologically because the kind of growth that will develop either on the vagina vulva or warts on penis. Many people shy away to speak about it even to medical practitioners knowing very well this is risking their health. This is one reason why you should always look for information on how to get rid of genital warts and learn how to control it.

The sooner that you realize that this is just another disease like any other the better because this condition might be painless but you can rest assured that the stress that you will undergo is immense. Seeing the unpleasant look in your private part is something that you will not enjoy and if it is possible to get rid of genital warts and stop feeling embarrassed. When you have this virus and it has developed into warts you will experience the following if you don’t get immediate treatment.

  • Low self esteem- this is where you don’t feel comfortable or confidence when with your friends. When they are going for a social event like swimming you can’t accompany them thinking that someone may spot the warts. This will definitely make you to be lonely and separated from your friends
  • You will also fear dating since you may not want your partner to see your condition. This is quite stressing as you forgo your sexual pleasure just because you have genital skin tags. This can lead to depression and even worse mental condition due to over thinking.
  • With this condition you will also feel useless and think that if people get to know what you are suffering from they may see you as an immoral person as people perceive these condition as a disease for people with no morals.

It is important that you know the symptoms of this disease as it can easily be confused with herpes another sexually transmitted disease.

How to get rid of genital warts – symptoms that you should know

The first step of treatment is first by knowing what you are suffering. This can only be established by the manifestation of the symptoms that you have. Pictures of genital warts available on the internet can help you as well in establishing whether you have this problem or not. Below are some of the symptoms of this disease:

  • Growth on your genitals – this is where some small growth start forming on the private parts where for men it’s on the penis while for women it’s on the vagina vulva. They are whitish in nature and they resemble cauliflower which may form several bumps or it may only affect a single spot.
  • Sometime if you were engaged with oral sex with a person who has suffered from these diseases then you may experience growth of wart on the lips as well as on the tongue or even in the throat. This is how dangerous it is traumatizing it is.
  • Another symptom that is common especially for female genital warts is vaginal discharge that is commonly seen when the disease it’s still in the early stages. This is a creamy discharge that women will find mostly in the morning after waking up. This is a symptom that should make you seek testing of this problem.
  • Women also may experience unnecessary bleeding which is not justified. When its not part of the menstrual cycle then it is recommended to get tested as this can be an indication that things are bad and you might be carrying this virus.
  • Itching is another symptom that both gender experiences. When a person has HPV they will feel itchy around their genitals. Although sometime itchiness is something normal but when it exceeds and you feel itching every now and then you can be sure that this is a problem that requires medical intervention.
  • Burning around genitals is also another sign that you are suffering from this virus. When you feel like you are burning up around your genitals this is an indication that you have the virus and you need to look for a physician.
  • The warts are painless and this may make it hard to be known. People wait until they develop pains in their genital so that they have developed a sexual transmitted infect. Therefore proper checking of your private part is key so that you can know what is wrong with you.
  • It is also possible to experience bleeding from the anus or urethra which is a sign that the disease has spread deeper and immediate action is required to be taken.
  • Some people can also have distorted urine where showing that it has also affected the path of urine. This is an important sign that must make a person seek immediate attention.

With these sign it’s easy to differentiate between genital pimples vs herpes which most of the people fail to distinguish when they are suffering from either of these diseases and treat it as the same. Stop going on the websites to search how to get rid of genital warts without being sure that you are actually suffering from this disease.

What are the causes of warts?

After visiting a medical facility that’s when you can be sure that you are suffering from this viral disease and from there it’s only when you can know to search for genital wart removal. The procedure of how treatment is done will depend on how serious is your condition as well as the place where you are getting your treatment. You can however avoid having to make trips to the hospital near you if you can be able to know causes of this problem.

  • Male genital warts can be caused if a person has been engaged in vaginal or anal sex with an infected person. This is the main causes of warts in men as sexual intercourses play a vital role in causing this problem.
  • It is still possible to contract the virus through close genital contact where your skin comes into contact with another person who is suffering from this disease. In other words you don’t need to have penetrative sex to contract the virus and this is a very important point to note.
  • If you have a protected sex then make sure that you cover most parts of your genital as any leak or contact of fluid from an infected is a sure way of acquiring the disease.
  • Pregnant women with vaginal skin tags can also pass this disease to their new borne babies since they might be contaminated by the fluids when the baby is being delivered. This is why it’s important to seek check up for those pregnant women who may suspect something is wrong to protect their unborn babies.

Those are some of the few ways in which the virus can be passed and if you ever start seeing any symptoms listed above and you have had sexual intercourse with high risky people then this might be a clear sign that you have. Among the treatment of this problem is genital skin tag removal with can be done in almost any clinic out there. Treatment is something which is important in which it will help a person regain self confidence which is usually eroded after contracting the disease. With this information you can be able to avoid contracting this virus, or if you have already contracted you now know its important to get treated so that you don’t pass it to other people.