How to deal with sore armpits naturally and fast without breaking budget.

When you start feeling that you have sore armpits this can be a sign of a major problem and you should not just ignore it. It is recommended that you consult a physician who can advice you on the best way to go about this. When the pain is persistent for more than a day you can rest assured that this can be serious and you may need check up at the nearest clinic. Sore under armpit can be caused by various factors that can easily be treated using home remedies as well as using over the counter medication:

What are the main causes of sore armpits

  • The first and one of the main causes of sore armpits is a condition commonly known as shingles which is a viral disease. It makes the skin covering the armpits scaly and this is the best way of telling that this is shingles. It sometime causes a burning sensation and it may be very uncomfortable to have this problem.
  • Lymph nodes is also another course why you might have sore armpit. When you have a cold the nymph node start swelling and as a result this interfere with flow of fluid inside it and this is what causes the pain. When the lymph nodes get infected and the nodes start enlarging and this will lead to lymphatic system break down.
  • It is also common to develop some pain under right armpits when muscles do not get enough blood supply from the heart. This is caused by blockage of the arteries from the heart and therefore the muscle fail to get enough oxygenated blood.
  • The other reason why there might be pain in this part of the body is due to a cancerous problem. Breast Cancer start as a pain and that’s why you here a person asking why does my armpit hurt. This is why it is always recommended to have breasts cancer scanning in case you start experiencing this problem.
  • Wart under armpit can also cause itching and cause some pain especially when there is a lot of friction. This can however easily identified by searching for any skin growth on the armpits.

Those are some of the causes that are common and you need to seek diagnosis pain in this area as it is evidence that it might not be just a mare pain but rather a big and complemented sickness.

Treatment and prevention for painful armpits

Pain on the armpit should be treated very carefully and it is recommended that you get advice from a reliable health expert. There are different treatment methods available depending on the cause of the problem. Here are some of the treatments available:

  • For lymphatic system infection the most effective way of dealing with this is through taking some antibiotics. But when the condition is worse than you can seek to have the lymph node removal and this is the only solution when the pain has become chronic and all antibiotics have failed to rectify the problem.