Do skin tags grow back – what are the likely chances that they will do.

If you have ever heard to experience growth of skin tag in your life then there is nothing heartbreaking that learning that it has come back again after it has disappeared or treated. Once you have been treated you are most likely to ask your doctor do skin tags grow back again because after seeing it gone you can wish to have them again. Well let see why you may be worried if you have had moles before as they could come back again.

As a matter of fact once a skin growth is removed using any of the methods that are available it can be hard for it to come back again. However, other tags may grow on almost in the same spot or different place and people start thinking that it’s the mole growing back. The reason that led to the growth on the first case could be the reason why you may witness another growth after getting rid of an earlier one. You have to work hard once you are affected by the first skin tag and you should know that growing another tag is not something that should be ruled out just like it happened in the first instance.

Do skin tags grow back-causes that may make it to grow back

  • When you are obese and you grow some skin tag then you can get rid of them using the available treatment procedures which are available. However, failure to address the root cause of the cause of the tags will surely lead to another growth of the same problem on you. If you don’t get to deal with the obesity then you could end up seeing subsequent growth of tags.
  • Genes also play a huge role in helping the growth of the moles again on the skin. This is very difficult to control as it is already in the gene. When your parent pass some genes to you and one of your parent has a mole then it mean that even after removing the first mole it can reappear again. The best thing to mange this is through keep on treating those which are growing.
  • Hormonal change can cause growth of tags on the skin and even after removing the a tag you may still find that its growing again. Pregnant women can experience this problem and they can avoid this by seeing a specialist who can help them.

So if you have ever asked do moles grow back then you now know that this is a reality. You can however minimize the chances of having these growth again on your skin.

Tips on how to avoid skin growth growing again

The if you are asking does skin grow back? There they grow again these are skin tags and warts and unless you are very carefully they will keep on growing back again. But the tips below will help you to avoid these problem any more:

  • Wash your hands regularly as this will prevent warts from being passed to you
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes that causes friction in the body
  • Avoid eating a lot as obesity is another cause for this