Bumps on penile shaft- what are the causes and how to treat this easily.

Sexuality is one of the most important thing that you need to take care of as it is useful to people. However sometimes this is not achievable and you experience some genital problems that can be very embarrassing to speak about. Bumps on penile shaft are one of the problems that affect sexual organs of men where growth of soft skin starts emerging on this important organ. This is a condition that can make a man to develop low self esteem and start doubting their position in the house or even in the society. The growths that form around these genital parts can be caused by various reasons. For instance wart is one of the genital problems that are caused by a virus that is usually passed from one person to another through sexual encounters with a partner with this problem. It’s a form of STD which is treatable through available medical treatment methods. Another common condition include skin tags on penis that are not contagious or transmitted through sex. This problem is mainly caused by several factors:

Bumps on penile shaft – main cause of this problem

Just like other growth on the skin bumps on penile shaft are caused by various factors which researchers have established. Its however not exactly clear if these are the only causes as still studies are ongoing to establish the reason behind growth of these problem:

  • One of the main causes of this problem has been associated with genetics factors where certain people inherit these problems from their parents. You may find that people within a certain family have skin tags on their body and this is a sign that this condition can be passed from parents to children. However, it doesn’t mean that the tag will occur at the exact spot that your parent have but rather anywhere in the body including on the genitals.
  • The other cause of skin tag on penis is friction that occurs as a result of contact of the skin and cloth that you wear especially tight inner wears. It has been proven that consistent friction between skin and cloths usually increases the chances of development of a tag and this is another main cause of this tags.
  • Another reason that has been identified to cause this problem is hormones fluctuations in your body. This can result in growth of the tags on the body and it is mainly prevalent on steroids users.

Treatment that are used for penis tags removal

There are various treatment available out there and it will depend on the person for the method that they choose. It is also important to know herpes on penile shaft is another different thing we are talking about here.

  • Medical procedures are the most common way used to remove a tag on a penis shaft.
  • There are also people who shy away and prefer using home remedies to get rid of a bump on penile shaft.
  • Skin growth on penis can also be removed through using over the counter creams sold for these purpose.