Anal skin tag – what are the causes and how can you get rid of it.

Sometime you may be worried for having an anal skin tag and you may think that this is a form of a sexually transmitted disease. The good news is that this is not an STD and you can easily get rid of this problem easily and painless. The main cause of this problem is not known where soft tissues grow on top of the normal skin which is usually painless and soft to. Sometime the color and texture of the growth will not resemble the other part of the skin.

Anal skin tag removal is possible and many medical procedures can get rid of this problem. Some people get worried when they get this kind of growth as they may think that they have got cancer. But, this is not the case as this is only a kind of skin growth which is harmless and is not danger to your health. The best thing about treatment of this problem is that you don’t need a bed rest for recovery once it has been removed. A few minutes after its removal you can start doing whatever you were doing like nothing has happened. It is also important to know that there is a difference between a wart and skin tag on anus.

Anal skin tag – the main differences between it and a wart

There are few differences between warts and anal skin tag that you should know for your own knowledge.

  • Skin tags on anus tend to be smooth and softer as compared to warts which are usually bigger and irregular surfaces. This is one way of telling whether what you have is an STD or not.
  • Another difference is that skin tags hang off the skin while the warts usually raised or flat than the tags.
  • Skin tags cannot be spread through sexual intercourse or oral sex while warts are contagious and are spread through contacts of fluids with contamination with wart fluid.
  • When a person is suffering from warts they experience some symptoms such as itching, bleeding and for women they will experience vaginal discharge while the tags do not have such symptoms.
  • Lastly warts are caused by virus that is passed during sexual intercourse while skin tags is not caused by a virus and can’t be transmitted but row on their own.

What are the possible treatments for this problem?

Anal skin tags can be treated by various methods including home remedies. Many people are afraid to seek medical attention as they may be embarrassed to peak about this problem with their physician. The most important thing while undertaking home remedies procedure is to exercise good care and hygiene. There are also surgical procedures that involve use of laser light, freezing using liquid nitrogen etc. There are also some products that are sold over the counter and can still be used to get rid of the problem.